We keep LED technology secret, but we do high quality LED light PHELPS developed UL series of LED Lights

LED tube and bulb

“We keep technology secret, but we do high quality LED tube and bulb. When you check out parameters of our products, you’ll know how good they are.” In 2014, UL series of LED lights, released by ZHEJIANG PHELPS LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD on March, was quite palatable with North American importers. With original design and fabulous appearance, UL LED series quickly got its market share in North America.

Why new LED series of products named UL? Miss Luo from ZHEJIANG PHELPS LIGHTING told e-cantonfair editor: “This is because all LED lights passed UL Certification on 2014 so we celebrate it with the name. To get the certification, we made lots of effort on shell material, aluminum silver pressed and fire protection coating.”

“The UL LED series we developed this year is self-designed.” When asked about the new feature of the UL series LED lights, Miss Luo said, “with build-in drivers, we tried to improve the appearance of the products and make them easy to assemble.”

What are the advantages of UL series LED lights? Miss Luo said: “UL series LED lights have these advantages like high color rending, high flux and long lifespan. This is due to our focus on the improvement of chip, fluorescent powder, holder and package technology.”

What about the UL series LED lights’ quality? Miss Luo was confident about the new series: “All the products are made of CREE and Epistar chips. As for light body, they are made of specific plastic with beautiful ceramic-like coating. Also, as I mentioned before, all the products passed UL certification which mean they are qualified to enter North American market.”

According to Miss Luo, the new series of products include 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch LED tube lights. “So far we can produce 10,000 LED lights per month and most of them are wholesaled to North American.”

LED tube and bulb

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