Why Use LED Street Lights?

Why Use LED Street Lights?

Reasons for Using LED Street Lights

One of the main reasons why led lights wholesale are advantageous is because they have a very long life span. They are not composed of filaments that easily burn out and they do not have any kind of toxic materials such as mercury, in comparison to the usual high-pressure sodium lamps that are available in the market. A single LED’s life span can range up to 100,000 hours. LED’s are also considered as a budget-friendly investment because not only that they’re cheaper but they last longer too. They also give off less heat compared to other lamps/bulbs. Because they don’t easily burn out, LEDs are very suitable in locations where replacing a bulb is rather costly and inconvenient.

Functions of Using LED Street Lights

LEDs are also very efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Even when CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) have recently been dubbed as the ultimate standard in eco-friendly lighting, LEDs have twice the efficiency in terms of energy. They consume up to 15% of the energy used by the traditional incandescent bulb while producing more light per watt. LEDs generate up to 80 lumens per watt while traditional streetlights can only produce up to 58 lumens per watt. Because they’re so efficient and could last longer than the traditional bulb, LED street lights are believed by experts to be a way for decreasing the amount of carbon emissions. Research says that converting all American lighting products into LEDs will cut the amount of energy consumption for lighting into half, and that goes for the entire country. Moreover, integration of solar panels will make LEDs self-sustaining and can channel excess or wasted energy back to the source. This is of course with the implementation of smart energy grids.

Other Reasons

In addition to all those stated above, LEDs provided by led street light manufacturer do not require warm up unlike the usual streetlights that we were accustomed to. They instantly turn on. Also, they do not emit UV light, which attracts insects or other bugs. Because they generate a type of directional lighting (light generated towards one direction, not the one that spreads out), LED street lights can be customized to light specific areas depending on which suits the location or situation best. Also, CFLs and incandescent, one can dim LEDs, which allows more options in controlling a lighting situation. There are some cities that have opted to use LED lights to useful effects, like for instance brightening while a pedestrian crosses the street or putting some sort of system that alerts the authorities when a certain light needs to be fixed.

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