Three Things You Should Know about LED Ceiling Light

LED Ceiling Light

LED ceiling light belongs to cold lighting source, so it can be installed in any mirco and closed equipment without considering the problem of heat dissipation. To have better understanding about LED ceiling light, you should start from the following three points.


  1. Lighting source. With low lumens depreciation of LED as its lighting source, LED ceiling light can ensure high luminous flux (about 100-120LM), good heat dissipation effect, long life-span and energy-saving, etc. It is now widely used in business lighting field and gradually penetrating in household lighting.


  1. VF and IF. The major operation parameter of LED ceiling light are VF and IF. VF (voltage forward) builds a normal operation circumstance for LED lightening. IF (intensity forward) propels the lightening of LED and the brightness is in direct proportion to the pass electric current. The standard voltage of white light LED VF is 3.4V ± 0.2V. The same batch of LED ceiling light should use the same level or similar level of VF, otherwise the brightness of the same batch lighting will be different.
  1. Constant current drive. The drive circuit of LED ceiling light is to change 12V DC into constant current source. The constant current accuracy of LED drive chips is quite important for LED lighting manufacturers. The accuracy should be at least less than ±3% and ±1% will be better, but the price will be higher than ±3%.

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