Three ‘Checks’ Help You Choose High-quality LED Ceiling Light

Crystal LED Ceiling Light

In front of diversified LED ceiling light with different price, we strongly hope that there are some experts who can give us some advice on how to choose the products that we need. The following are three steps that I think we should consider in choosing LED ceiling light.


  1. Check the heat dissipator of LED ceiling light. The effect of heat dissipation decides the luminous decay and life-span of a light. The heat dissipation solutions of LED ceiling light include an integrated dissipator, one chip dissipator and fan-installed dissipation. The size and the material of dissipator influence the speed of the heat dissipation as well as the price of the light.


  1. Check the lighting source (transformer). The quality of a transformer decides the life-span of a light. For a layman, it is better to judge the quality of transformer from its size and weight or from asking the manufacturer about its function of electrolyzation and electric capacity.


  1. Check the brand and package of chips. The quality of a chip decides the lighting effect of LED ceiling light and package technology affects the quality of a chip and heat dissipation. There are three kinds of chips: America chips, Taiwan chips and China chip. The price and lighting effect are different according to different chips. Don’t choose LED ceiling light with quite low price, because they are often made of scraps of materials.

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