LED Tube

Five Steps To Install An LED Tube

Are you ready to replace your fluorescent light bulbs with LED? On the subject of energy-efficient lighting electricians and light designers know that LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, are on best on the hierarchy. Like fluorescents along with other bulbs, LED lamps come in distinct wattages. But for typical…

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Reasons of choosing LED Lights

The lighting industry has seen some major modifications over the years. Even so, none can be compared with LED. Basically place LED tube is energy saving and Eco-friendly. Originally, the technology was used in pocket calculators and alpha numeric displays. Nonetheless, they’ve now crossed more than to domestic and industrial…

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Six Reasons For Choosing Led Tube Lights

More and more people would like to choose led tube instead of traditinal tubes, beacause of LED tube have lots of advantages. China lighting ideas  would tell you the advantages of led tube. Eco-friendly lighting In fact ,more and more people would like to chose led tube rather than standard…

LED tube and bulb

We keep LED technology secret, but we do high quality LED light PHELPS developed UL series of LED Lights

“We keep technology secret, but we do high quality LED tube and bulb. When you check out parameters of our products, you’ll know how good they are.” In 2014, UL series of LED lights, released by ZHEJIANG PHELPS LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD on March, was quite palatable with North American importers….