Six Reasons For Choosing Led Tube Lights

led tube lights

More and more people would like to choose led tube instead of traditinal tubes, beacause of LED tube have lots of advantages.
China lighting ideas  would tell you the advantages of led tube.

Eco-friendly lighting

In fact ,more and more people would like to chose led tube rather than standard tubes, as well as the reason as below :

1. Eco-friendly lighting Compared with classic fluorescent lamps, the traditional fluorescent lamps include a good deal of mercury vapor. In the event the tubes are damaged, the mercury vapor will be volatilized into the atmosphere rapidly, that will destroy our atmosphere. And all of this can have an effect on human’s well being sooner or later. LED tubenot only have no mercury vapor, but also no lead. LED tube is Eco-friendly lighting, and which have already been recognised as Green Light of twenty-first century.

Energy-saving and extended lifespan

Comparing with conventional fluorescent, LED tube can save over 60% electricity cost. For example, 8W, 12W 16W, 21W LED tube light can replace 20W, 30W, 40W and 48W conventional fluorescent lamp. What is far more, the lifespan of LED tube is over 5 years more. For the traditional fluorescent have to be changed each year. Expense of products and labour is high. But LED tube is maintain cost-free.


The traditional fluorescent lamp use AC energy, so it is going to seem 100-120 times stroboscopic per second strobe. But LED tubes use constant current driver which is to convert AC to DC directly, lowering the failure of LED light properly, begin rapidly, no flicker and shield the eyes.

LED tube usually do not produce noise. It is the best decision to use in libraries, office, classroom, property and so on.

No Hight- Temperature

The classic fluorescent lamp will create a whole lot of heat once they work. LED light is cold light source. The operating principle is the fact that converting all electric energy into illuminance energy. No power waste!


T5, T8 and T10 tubes are both offered. The variety and size of LED tubes are exact same as conventional lamp. So LED tube can replace them straight. Simply to move the starter or the entire electronic ballast before installation. It is very simple.

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