Nine Decoration Color of KY-AABO20 LED String Light

LED String Light

Light is not only used for lighting but also for decoration. In happy festivals, light can create a special atmosphere for the festival, especially in the significant festivals such as Christmas and Easter. LED string light is a popular decoration light because of its energy-saving and environment-protection. For foreign buyers, it is a right time to source LED string light for the preparation of Christmas. Kingyi’s LED string light is well-known for its rich color and competitive price. During interview with Ms. Zhang, the foreign trader of Guangzhou Kingyi Lighting Co., Ltd., she told me what properties of this type of LED string light had and why the price was competitive.

Who is Guangzhou Kingyi Lingting?

Founded in 2015, Guangzhou Kingyi Lighting Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED light, SMD LED, LED copper wire string by integrating R&D, design, production, sales and Services as a whole system. The major product of the company is LED copper wire string light which is widely used in outdoor and indoor decoration. There are three series of string light lights: Christmas string light, Easter string light and Halloween string light. With the service concept of ‘Customer First’ as guide, the company insists on placing customers’ demand in the first place by providing the high quality and low price products for the world customers.

How is Kingyi’s LED string light?

Self-produced small chips. The small chips adopted in KY-AABO20 LED string light are produced by Kingyi Company itself for the small size of the LED string light with high technology. Other components of the string light such as the copper wire are all self-made by the company.

  1. Large choosing space. There are nine color of this light: warm white, white, blue, red, pink, purple, green, yellow and colorful. Different color can create different atmospheres or match with each other for different festivals.
  2. High softness. With high softness, the LED string light can be folded randomly or wounded around for different shapes without worrying about the light will fail to work.
  3. Low price. The product is oriented towards the middle-end market. The price is lower than other manufacturers, because from the LED chips to the finished LED string light, it is almost manufactured by the company itself, which will largely reduce the cost of the product.

Why choose Kingyi’s LED string lights?

  1. Preferential payments. There are two ways of payments: T/T or L/C. No matter what payment you choose, if the total amount is less than 30,000 USD, you will pay 100% of the bill, but if the total amount is more than 30,000 USD, you can enjoy 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.
  2. Short lead time. After you have ordered, the factory will produce the product as soon as possible. Generally, the lead time is 10 to 15 working days. After all, it largely depends on your MOQ, but compared with other factories, Kingyi’s lead time is shorter.
  3. Multi-delivery ways. There are more than 5 delivery ways such as DHL, UPS, door to door service, by sea and by air, etc. Buyers can choose a convenient and available delivery way according to their need.
  4. Create warm and joyful festival atmosphere. The significance of festivals is different, but the core element of most festivals is to be happy. With six color and wide application, buyers have large choosing space for LED string light according to different festivals and different effect they hope to reach.
  5. Competitive price. The FOB price of the nine color LED string lights is different. The FOB price of red light is 0.92 USD, the yellow is 0.95 USD, the blue is 0.98 USD, the white & warm white & green is 1.08 USD respectively, and the pink & purple & colorful is 1.22 USD respectively.
  6. Reliable certificate. All of the products have passed CE and RHOS certificate and the factor has passed BSCI certification. The products have mainly exported to Europe, America and Middle-East, etc. with more than 10 million USD annual export output. Now it has established cooperation relationship with many world famous supermarkets that are the subsidiaries of Walmart and Carrefour.

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