LED Tube Light Price Down Market Up

LED Tube Light Price Down Market Up

China LED lighting industry has gone through about 10 years up and down. From the baby infantry to mature till 2014, this field has gone better. LED tube has occupied a great proportion in indoor lighting market. It was said LED lighting realm has come forth nearly in 2007 while developing rapidly. So far 2014, tube light price has fallen, LED tube markets was blooming.

LED Tube Price Falls Down Having gone through a two-year accelerating development,the price has fallen down till last year from LED lighting upstream to downstream industry. In 2013,price in four seasons has fallen down considerably. Statistics in the fourth season has showed LED light price dropped 9%-14%; of which high-end LED tube lights has reached 13.4%. China GLII reported that the downgrade of LED tube price is in the top among lamps. tubes led price in the fourth season has dropped more than 20%. Particularly, 2ft tube leds price has declined to about 50RMB, a 20% rate of descent; 2.5ft tube LED price down to 60RMB, a total 28% drop rate; 4ft LED lighting price dropped to nearly 80RMB, which is 27% down degree.

LED Tube Market is Blooming Although the price is declining,the market is bigger. Except the LED tube manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler market, the retailer markets are bigger than before. The market penetration of LED tube is going up from less than 3% 2012 to 6% 2013. And in 2014 the market penetration will have a rapid growth to replace the existing fluorescent lamp.

In 2011, LED tunnel light project has run successfully in England Thames street. After that, London started the largest LED street light project, a plan to replace about 35,000 street lights among 52,000 lights till 2016, which lights the whole London city with more energy-saving LED street lights and LED tunnel light. Prior to London light replacement, New York, Los Angles and Las Vegas have carried out replacement project with tunnel light and street light across the city.

In 2014 most western European countries declare no filament lamp and electric incandescent lamp instead of new light resource. LEDs, with more energy saving and eco-friendly, is regarded as the most promising light source to replace conventional incandescent lamp. Germany governmental officials reported that in 2014 all enterprises with turnover maximum 50 million Euro per year can obtain 30% of the changing cost; and companies with turnover over 50 Million till 100 million might get only 20% of the changing cost. This is the first time that Germany government carries out political policy to promote national lighting replacement program.

All above reveals that LED tube light price has fallen down while LED tube markets overseas is blooming. It is predictable that tube led light foreign markets are much bigger in 2014-2016, which are the all-round developing years for lighting industry.

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