LED Lighting Export Keeps Steady and the Price is Recovering

  1. LED lighting product is picking up price

LED lighting has experienced a “price fight” as its major competition way, because technique improvement, production efficiency promotion, product cost decrease has provided the space for lowering the price. However, the pursuit of quality LED lighting is becoming the key competition and customers’ concern. “Price fight” won’t be the only way for enterprises to win. Though the price won’t rebound  in short time, it will not lower down any more.

Statistics from many malls and e-commerce platforms showed that LED lighting price dropped greatly in the past three years, but it will decrease slowly in 2015 and implies the rebounding in June. Take LED ceiling lights as example. The price of LED ceiling lights in e-commerce platform dropped 11.2% totally from January to June in 2015, but it picked up apparently in June with 8% growth rate.

The LED lighting price in export also appears to pick up. According to the analysis of export data, the export price rose 2% from January to June in 2015; LED lighting export data released by CSA Research showed that the export price of LED street lights and spot lights increased 13% and 4% respectively.

  1. LED export keeps steady with export to Africa market growing fastest

2015 is the year of structure adjustment and rapid development of China Foreign trade. LED lighting export has experienced from rapid to moderate growth. Statistics from China Customs showed the total export value of LED lighting was about USD5.0 billion in the first season of 2015 with 16% year-to-year growth rate, and USD2.6 billion in the second season with 8% year-to-year growth rate. It is predicted that the growth will be steady in the second half year of 2015.

The major export destinations of China LED lighting are Europe, Asia and North America by even occupying 88% export value in total in the first half year of 2015, among which Europe enjoyed 27.4% export value, Asia was 35% and North America was 25.5%. So far, though China’s LED lighting export value from Oceania, Latin America and Africa is small, it keeps rapid growing and Africa market grows fastest with USD120 million export value and 90% growth rate.

The export category structure in the first half year of 2015 changed little, tubes still ranked as No.1, the next were bulbs, strip lights and spot lights. In the second half year of 2015, except 43.8% lighting products without specific products’ name listed, tubes’ export value reached USD240 million, which occupied about 18.2% market share of the industry, bulbs reached USD230 million, enjoying 18% market share, spot lights was USD150 million, and the next were strip lights, decorative lights and panel lights. The export value of these six categories in the second half year of 2015 will reach 73% in all.