Lumex offers an extensive line of LED Light Pipes for applications that require light but are not well-suited to surface mount or through-hole LED technology.

TransBriteTM Light Pipes provide:

  • Right angle and vertical packaging solutions
  • Design flexibility
  • Uniform illumination over various lengths
  • Easy installation
  • Highly efficient optical design
  • Reduced shadowing and glare

Lumex uses state-of-the-art Ray Trace software with precise 3D CAD/CAM models to ensure proper design and optimal light transmittance, with minimal light losses.

To learn more about Lumex’s TransBrite Light Pipe products and technology, please feel free to click on the modules below. Lumex offers this three-part series which provides a more in-depth discussions including:

  • What is a Light Pipe
  • How Best to Match an LED with a Light Pipe
  • Lumex’s Ray Trace and 3D Modeling Capabilities.

What is a Light Pipe?

This module will present an overview of what a light pipe is, how light pipes can transport light from an LED and discuss design considerations and the cost advantages of Lumex’s innovative light pipe prototyping and ray tracing software capabilities.

Light Pipe / LED Matching

This module will present an overview of why light pipe and LED matching is important as well as outline the four key steps to effective light pipe and LED matching.

Ray Tracing for Light Pipe Applications

The objective of this training module is to discuss the process of ray tracing and highlight the key benefits this cutting-edge technology can provide for light pipe applications.