LED Diving Flashlight Enhances Diving Fun under the Sea

At present, people get stronger desire to explore the secret of the sea. Almost everyone wants to discover the beauty under the sea while the sea is in the dark. Where there is curiosity, there is a market. Jexree LED diving flashlight from Shenzhen The First International Lighting Co. Ltd has brighten the sea and helped people to know more about the nature beauty.

In order to present the detailed properties of this product in front of you, I had a special interview with Ms Zhang, the sales manager of the company to tell you how technology has changed our vision under the sea.

1. Super brightness. Adopted 4 pcs CREE XM-L2 LEDs 10W large chips, this product can reach the brightness of 3500 LM, which is much brighter than other companies’ diving flashlight with 8 to 10 chips.

LED Diving Flashlight

2. High-quality and suitable materials. With aviation alloy aluminum as the body material, the diving flashlight is light and endurable with good heat dissipation; and the handle is made of silicon, which is anti-slippery, soft and convenient. This design is out of the consideration of ergonomics. The whole product is processed precisely with CNC machine and the surface is after oxidation treatment with military machine.

LED Diving Flashlight

3. Magnetic switch. The design of magnetic switch design has applied for patent. It is a special design for diving, because it is water-proofed, explosion-proofed and can be used for diving for 100 meters. Compared with traditional switch, the advantage is that it won’t be out-of-work if being shot by water pressure in the sea.

LED Diving FlashlightLED Diving Flashlight

4. The choice of fashion. With integrated structure, different color match and delicate package, the diving flashlight is quite fashionable. Moreover, there are two colors for your choice.

LED Diving FlashlightLED Diving Flashlight

5. Low power consumption. With two 26650 batteries and a battery charger, the product can save your money and keep on long time operation with large power capacity.

LED Diving Flashlight

6. Mirror toughened glass. Adopted mirror toughened glass, the product is anti-broken with high light transmittance.

LED Diving Flashlight

7. Different items of battery charger. Different items of battery charger are available to meet the demand of customers from different countries.

LED Diving Flashlight

Who Favor LED diving flashlight?

‘After being promoted in the market, the product has won the welcome of domestic and foreign customers’. Ms Zhang told me, ‘This product is the best company for those who are keen on diving sports. It is also available on such occasions as underground mine and forest search & rescue.’ It is a high-end product and the wholesale price of a set is between 60 and 65 dollar. Now the product is mainly exported to Australia, Europe, America and New Zealand with monthly turnover of 3,000 sets.

How to identify Jexree product?

Global buyers purchasing in China are afraid of buying copycat products. Remember the following three tips you won’t fall into this trap.

Firstly, check the trademark of Jexree; secondly, examine the detailed specification of the product; thirdly, confirm the magnetic switch which is the patent product of Jexree.

Now if you are interested in this product, please feel free to enter the http://www.e-cantonfair.com/products/package-2014-led-aluminum-flashlight-glare-dedicated-dive-driving-light-dive-lights-glare-diving-bright-lights-diving-torch-+18650-baterry+charger-542928.html?src=009 and start the inquiry.

Jexree Brand

Jexree is a brand of outdoor lighting products established by Shenzhen The first International Lighting Co., Ltd. Wholly owned by LED GOODS Hardware Manufactory, Jexree is devoted to invest in R&D to ensure the products they supply are high-quality and innovative with latest technology. Its major products include LED flashlights, military flashlights, bicycle lamps, diving lamps, camping lanterns and fishing lights. It has mainly exported to Europe, Middle East, Russia, North America and Australia, etc. At present, the annual turnover has reached USD 5 million and almost 80% is from exporting. Jexree is always looking forward to establishing a long and mutual beneficial business relationship with global buyers. Therefore, if you are interested in the product, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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