LED Bicycle Light: Angel’s Eye Bike Light

LED Bicycle Light

At present, more and more people would like to experience life by bike. They ride far away to go traveling or to make exploration all day and all night. Therefore, the market of high quality bicycle light has large demand. LED bicycle light with beautiful name ‘Angle’s eye bike light’  produced by Shenzhen The first International Lighting Co., Ltd is the right product that I will highly recommend to you. It is a new and hot LED bike light in 2014. During my interview with MS. Zhang, the sales manager of the company, I am sure it is a product that deserves your money and you can judge it by yourself after further recognizing the product.

LED Bicycle Light

Why choose Angel’s bike light?

  1. Focus on product details.

Compared with most bike light in the market, Jexree’ LED bike light focus on details. Firstly, with alloy aluminum as its body material and special harrowed-out design, Angel’s eye bike light is fashionable and beautiful with good function of heat dissipation; secondly, the weight of the product is only 75g with 5.5 cm length and 4.7 cm height with light package, which is easy-carrying. Thirdly, it is the light with halo. There are two switches in the back of the light, one is for light bead controlling, and the other is for halo controlling; moreover, the halo is with shining function, which can also be used as night light. At last, there are two colors of the light with different functions for your choice. The gray and yellow one is the low beam light with large lighting area; the black and red one is high beam light with far distance lighting.

  1. Price advantage.

The orientation of the product is towards middle and high-end market. Compared with the same product produced by other manufacturers, Angel’s eye bike light has high performance. The price of sample product with 4 pieces 18650 battery packs (3600mah) is 21 USD and the price with 2 pieces 18650 battery packs (2200mah) is about  16 USD.

  1. Export situation.

The product is mainly exported to Australia, Russia, America, Western Europe, South Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, Singapore and Brazil, etc. It is quite popular with customers from home and abroad. It can be widely applied in night riding, hiking light, wide rescuing and wide exploration, etc.

Jexree Brand

Jexree is a brand of portable lighting products established by Shenzhen The first International Lighting Co., Ltd. Wholly owned by LED GOODS Hardware Manufactory, Jexree is devoted to invest in R&D to ensure the products they supply are high-quality and innovative with latest technology. Its major products include LED flashlights, military flashlights, bicycle lamps, diving lamps, camping lanterns and fishing lights. It has mainly exported to Europe, Middle East, Russia, North America and Australia, etc. At present, the annual turnover has reached USD 5 million and almost 80% is from exporting. Jexree is always looking forward to establishing a long and mutual beneficial business relationship with global buyers. Therefore, if you are interested in the product, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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