Hot-sale Outdoor and Indoor LED Corn Light

Hot-sale Outdoor and Indoor LED Corn Light

As LED lighting is dominating the market, LED corn light has great demand in the market because of its various functions. It can be used in different occasions. In order to cater for the global buyers’ demand to source a high-quality and competitive LED corn light, Shenzhen Top Tech. Co., Ltd. started to promote a terrific LED corn light and it was a hot sale in many countries such as Japan, German and Australia with the annual export turnover even reaching 100,000 sets.

How can it be? E-Cantonfair editor interviewed Mr. Feng, the marketing representative of Shenzhen Top Tech. Co. Ltd to get the answer.

I am going to introduce you a terrific LED corn light produced by Shenzhen Top Tech. Co., Ltd. Promoted in 2012.

1. SAMSUNG LED chips. Adopted Korea SAMSUNG 5630 led chip as its light source with low optical power and high luminous efficacy, this product can ensure the brightness of the led tube and its long life-span as well as reduce the light decay.

2. Inside thermal sensor. With top brand power supply IC built-in thermal sensor, the product won’t be out-of-work because of the changeable temperature. If the power temperature is higher than the set value, it will stop work and change into overheat protection; and it will restart automatically when the temperature turns low. The thermal sensor can also accomplish the smart control such as audio control, optical control and human body induction, etc.

Nickel coated copper light base. The nickel coated copper the light employed can keep the lamp holder from being rusty even used in outdoor damp environment.

3. Heat dissipation structure design. This design has been applied for patent. The patent heat dissipation structure can dissipate the heat efficiently and reduce the weight of the product by making it 50% lighter than a traditional LED corn light.

4. Full serials — from 15W to 120W. With the power from 15W to 120W and various colors, the product can widely replace traditional light of HPS, HID and metal halide. It is also available to meet different places application requirements.

5. 360 degrees beam angle. With spatial lumen uniformity design, 360-degree beam angle overcome the deficit of directionalbeam angleby satisfying the light distribution of full angle space, which enhances the brightness of space and improve the lighting effect.

6. Both applications of indoor and outdoor lighting. The corn light can be used both in indoor and outdoor lighting by adding an aluminum lighting cover if used as outdoor lighting.

‘The product has been acknowledged by domestic and oversea consumers,’ Mr. Feng told me, ‘and it mainly exports to North America, Japan, Spain and German, etc. and the annual export turnover even reaches 100,000 sets.’ The product is oriented towards middle and high-end consumers and the price is quite competitive. The wholesale price of 27W is about 45 dollar and the 36W is about 50 dollar.


Outdoor lighting: widely used in square, parks, gardens, roads, airports, subway and courtyard, etc.

Indoor lighting: factories, plants and warehouses.

Company profile

LED Corn Light Supplier

Founded in 2005, TOOPER Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting manufacturer and the LED products have been acknowledged by domestic and foreign customers. With 500 specialized and skillful workers and 25 powerful and knowledgeable research & develop engineers, TOOPER mainly exports products to Europe, North America and Asia, etc. and the annual export value has even exceeded 350 million dollar. It has established long-term cooperation relationship with many well-known groups such as Waida Plaza, Skyworth Group, Hilton hotel, etc.

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