High Price Performance LED Highbay Light with Philips Technology

LED Highbay Light

LED highbay light is widely employed in factory, metro station, parking lot, gas station and warehouse and it has won the admiration of people because of its safety, energy-saving and environment-protective. Do you fancy that you can buy the product with brand quality but low price? In order to help you to fulfill this dream, I had a special interview with Mr. Feng, the foreign trade of Zhongshan Somma Lighting Factory. He introduced me a high price performance LED highbay light. I hope to share this product with LED highbay light purchasers from all over the world. He told me it is worth choosing Somma’s LED highbay light.

Philips highbay light’s quality but half of its price.

‘The great advantage of our product is that we produce it with the same technology and materials as Philips, but the price is only half of Phlips’s products.’ Mr. Feng told me. You must be curious about how Somma can do this as me. He told me that because the company has an integrated manufacturing system, which saves the cost of the product. Unlike other manufacturers by purchasing some components from other companies, the company produces the whole product by itself from the opening mould, printing, design and process. This is the major reason why the product can be much cheaper than Philips. ‘The materials that our company employed are almost the same as Philips.’ Mr. Feng said. With high quality Samsung LED chips as its lighting source and die-casting aluminum as its body material, the LED highbay light posseses high luminous efficacy of 120 LM/W and good function of heat dissipation.With special 420 mm dia meter round heat sink design, the light can maximum cool down the heat emitted from LED and driver in a very short time. It provides full serials of the product from 90W to 180W to meet the different demands.

‘Our product has won the admiration of the foreign customers. At present, the annual export output has reached 300,000 USD with Europe and US as our major export destinations.’ He told me, ‘we hope that customers will spend least money enjoying the highest quality of the product.’

Usage precautions of LED highbay light

At last, Mr. Feng kept on telling me something about the usage precautions of the product for the sake of safety and the long life-span of the product.

  1. Read specification carefully before using it. For your safety’s sake, it is necessary for you to read the specification carefully before installation and strictly comply with the specification when installing it.
  2. Don’t change light’s components randomly. While you are maintaining or cleaning the light, please remember not to change the components randomly and make sure the light are reinstalled as exactly as before.
  3. Don’t turn on or off the light frequently. Though the turn on and off switch is 18 times as endurable as traditional light, the frequent turn on and off will damage the components of LED highbay light and thus affect its life-span.

Company profile:

Located in the lighting capital of the China Guzhen in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, Zhongshan Somma Lighting Factory is a professional LED lighting manufacturer. Though the company is relatively young (8-year manufacturing experience), it is engaged in brand establishment by providing high-quality and low price products for the customers from all over the world. With ‘the quality is the base’ as the production concept, the company is devoted to improving the quality of the products with high-technology and perfect service to satisfy the demands of different customers. The major products of the company include LED street light, outdoor lighting, highbay light, downlight and LED commercial lighting, etc. The products are 3C, CE and RoHS approved and have been exported to America, Italy, Australia, Greece, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, etc.

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