Four Reasons Tell You Why LED Bulbs Deserve to Buy

Four Reasons Tell You Why LED Bulbs Deserve to Buy

If you can’t decide whether it is worth buying LED bulbs, I have four reasons to convince you.


  1. High luminous efficacy. It can be expressed by LM/W (LM is the unit of luminous flux). Energy-saving bulbs is consist of inner energy-saving ballast and high-quality trichromatic bulbs, so the beam is as clear and stable as natural light, and the luminous efficacy is 20% higher than common straight tube fluorescent lamp. These satisfy the demand of the modern indoor lighting.


  1. Long life-span. The life-span of a common incandescent bulb is 1,000 hours and a fluorescent bulb is 5,000 hours while the life-span of LED bulb is about 50,000 hours.


  1. Good color rendering. Different lighting source renders different color of light and it’s measured by CRI (color rendering index) with the scope from 0 to 100. The degree of CPI directly reflects the property of the color rendering. Generally, the subject can be truly presented under the light with CPI above 75 degree. The CPI of a LED bulb is higher than 80RA, which is much higher than an incandescent bulb.


  1. Small size, beautiful shape and easy use. With higher power capacity, LED bulbs can be made in small size with beautiful shape, which can also be used as decoration. The usage condition of integrated LED bulbs’ sockets is almost the same as the incandescent bulbs, so it can easily replace the usage of incandescent bulbs.

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