Five Ways to Add Lighting Magic to Your Halloween Gathering

You’re almost set for your Halloween celebration. You’ve prepared plenty of treats for the festivities, and most of your decorations are already up. But, why not take your frightening décor to the edge this year. Using string lights, glow sticks and a few other simple accessories, here are some ideas on turning your Halloween gathering into a frightfully lit extravaganza.

Eerie Entrance

One of the best ways to kick off the fright for the night is intriguing guests with a creative entrance into your dwelling. Instead of setting out a few pumpkins, why not dress up the shrubbery surrounding your porch by adding a foggy fiery effect.  Simply use amber-orange or red string lights to drape throughout your bushes.  Carefully tuck away the strings to enhance the lights visibility. It is also important that the lights are rated for outdoor use.

To create fog you have a couple of options. You could purchase a fog machine, or create your own fog by placing dry ice in a bowl and pouring in hot water. The amount of fog and longevity of the fog effect depends on the amount of dry ice used and the temperature of the water. Typically, the hotter your water is the thicker your fog. Once you’ve created the fog, place the bowls behind the bushes so that they will not be seen. And just like that you have a fiery inferno. It should be noted that with creating your own fog and using fog machines, if it is windy outdoors unfortunately the fog effect will not work. So, keep your fingers crossed and hope for a stiff and airless evening.

Enchant your Ceiling floating-candles-in-great-hall-hogwarts

One of the most memorable things about the Harry Potter film series, was the floating candles and enchanted ceiling. In the film, candles appeared to suspended in air with the back drop of a night sky. To achieve your own enchanted ceiling start by measuring the ceiling that you want to use in your home. We suggest an area that does not have as much ceiling space, such as a hallway or foyer. Once measurements have been made, you will need a black bed sheet. Depending on the size of the ceiling you are covering you may need more than one sheet.

Once you’ve obtained your sheet use black spray paint to get the sheet to a darker, more midnight color. Be sure to keep the sheet spread out so that you can spray both sides. After the paint has dried, you’ll need to create stars. Using your fingers and a can of white paint, dip your fingers inside the paint and begin flicking the paint across your sheet. If you are interested in creating more of a misty cloud effect, use white spray paint or even light blue, a fairly large cardboard cutout of clouds and spray the sheet. This will create more of an overcast starry sky.

After your sheet has dried, you’ll need to hang it on the ceiling. Using thumb tacks, secure the four corners of your sheet to the ceiling. If you want less of a draping effect, consider using more tacks to anchor the blanket.

Now it’s time to add your candles. For this part of the project, you will need stretchy cord, scissors and more tacks. To give the best illuminated effect, we suggest using battery operated LED candles that can easily be turned off and on.  Cut a piece of the stretchy cord and tie the cord around the base of the candle at least four times to be sure that the cord does not fall off the candle. If you have lower ceilings, don’t make the cord too long. Getting slapped in the face with candles isn’t exactly fun. Once the string is tied around the base, wrap the other end of the string around the base of the thumb tack. After checking that everything is bound tightly together and your candles won’t loosen from the string, use your ladder and simple tack the candles to the black sheet on the ceiling. After candles are added, turn them on and watch as your ceiling becomes enchanted.

All Burnt Up fire-674577_1280

You’ve already created a fire outside, now it’s time to create some eerie embers inside. Begin by cutting at least 15 tops from 2 litter soda bottles. Set the tops to the side. Next, flatten out a cardboard box. Scatter a string of orange-amber lights across the box.  Place the soda bottle tops over the lights. Once everything is set up, use spray foam to coat the materials and flattened box.  After the foam is added, simply spray black spray paint over the foam which will create a charred look. And now, all that’s left to do is plug up your lights and enjoy the embers.

Halloween Mason jar

Using mason jars, battery operated string lights, and tissue paper create ghoulish glowing lanterns to guide your visitors through your horror filled home. Line the jars with orange tissue paper, drop a string ofclear lights inside the jar and place them throughout your house. Another option is giving each guest a jar upon entering your home as a party favor.

Someone’s Watching Photo courtesy of

Few things are more frightening than that feeling of being watched, especially by monsters.  With a few empty toilet paper rolls, glow sticks and scissors make your guests extra uncomfortable with the disturbing gaze of glowing eyes.  Using scissors or an X-Acto knife cut out eye shaped slits in the empty toilet paper rolls. After cutting the eyes, get your duct tape, and cut off a medium sized piece. Fold in half and place inside the toilet paper roll. Next, simply attach the illuminated glow stick to the roll with the duct tape. Now you have the eyes of a monster.  To really scare people, place them in trees, strategically covering the roll with leaves while the eyes dance in the darkness.