Factory Price LED filament candle bulb 2W 4W

LED filament candle bulb

Xiamen Star Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Xiamen Star Lighting Co.,LTD. is one of the top 10 manufacturers of led lights, we have more than 250 different led models on production with all components (lamp housing, cover, driver ,transformer for driver, PCB….) and product mold made in house.

Factory Price LED filament candle bulb 2W 4W 

LED filament candle bulb


retro-sytle LED bulb, calssicial model. Long life span, low heat, not hot when touch. Traditional filament design, use 3D light emitting filament, wide beam angle, high efficacy. Adopt secial light transmission glass cover, high transmittance rate, no shadow and dark space.


1. Wide range of available voltage and low consumption.

2. Environment-friendly and no UV or IR addiation.

3. Easy to install and maintain and normal base type E can be matched.

4. Replacement of traditional bulbs and no subsidiary fixture, such as ballasts and starters.

5. Long lifespan , low cost of maintenance.

6. Energy saving and high luminous intensity, energy consumption can be 30% of traditional bulbs.

7. Anti-shake, convenient for trnasportation.


1. Replacement bulbs for general lighting in hotel and household decoration, especially for chandeliar

2. Suitable for spot light in art display, museum jewelry counter.

3. Window display in fashion shop, fashion show, notebook PC shop etc.