Do You Know the Major Parts of LED Ceiling Light

Major Parts of LED Ceiling Light

With the popularity of LED ceiling light application, can you tell the major parts of LED ceiling light? Knowing the major parts of LED ceiling light, it is easy for us to know how it works. Here will introduce you six parts of LED ceiling light.

1.  The light shell and heat dissipator. The common materials that are adapted to the light shell and heat dissipator of LED ceiling light are aluminum, copper and PC. Of the three materials, copper possesses the best function of heat dissipation.

2.  The chip. The quality of chips relies on the manufacturing factory and the package technology.

3.  Drive power supply (the transformer). The chip’s life-span of LED ceiling light is between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, but the power supply is the short board of LED ceiling light and the life-span of power supply is between 3,000 to 20,000 hours according to its quality. So if the power supply doesn’t work. The whole light can’t be lightened up.

4.  Aluminum plate. The function of aluminum plate is to conduct the heat of chips to the LED heat dissipator.

5.  Conductive wire. The minimum sectional area of conductive wire the LED ceiling light use is 0.5mm/square

6.  Lens. The lens of LED ceiling light is silicon lens. Good quality of lens can enhance the luminous efficacy of LED.

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