China’s LED Lighting: a New Flow of ‘Going Abroad’

China LED Going Abroad

With the rules of incandescent bulbs prohibition being executed in different countries, some experts pointed out that the demand of LED lighting will grow 60% in 2014. It can be forecast that China’s LED lighting will meet a new flow of ‘going abroad’.

As it is known, China is a big country of manufacturing LED lighting. The products are used in different counties and the export volume is growing fast. Statistics showed that the export volume of China’s LED lighting kept above 30% annual growth rate from 2010 to 2012, and would continue to grow in 2014 with 35% growth rate. Some LED indoor lighting enterprises expressed that as the foreign trade market was recovering, the export of LED lighting grew from 10% to 70% and the incandescent bulbs prohibition rules provided a large market for the LED lighting export companies.

As the major supplier of global LED lighting, China has exported most LED products to North America, EU and Asia. EU is the largest export destination which occupies 28% of China’s LED lighting export and 18% is occupied by North America. The major export countries of China’s LED lighting are America, Japan and Germany which occupy 17.5%, 8.6% and 7.8% of China’s LED export market respectively.

However, LED technical trade barrier is the largest obstacle. As the important LED application sites, European and American markets have higher LED standard than other parts of the world. The severe market admission condition they set up for LED products has become the largest obstacle for China’s LED lighting export.

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