Can LED Overall Take the Place of Traditional Lighting Products?

Can LED Overall Take the Place of Traditional Lighting Products

Eric Wu: senior. Sourcing & Developing engineer and Richie Chen: Sourcing & Developing engineer from OSRAM Asia Pacific Management Company.

Q: What does your company mainly purchase this time?

A: We mainly purchase LED lighting as well as traditional lighting, such as LED desk lamp, LED flash light and lens for mobile phones, but it is difficult to find the suppliers of lens (mobile phones).


Q: How do you think about the future developing trend of LED lighting?

A: In the future several years, LED lighting will meet explosive growth with about 20% annual growth rate and the competition will be much fiercer. LED manufacturing giants will be born in the market and the price will decrease gradually.


Q: In your opinion, what cause the large difference of LED’s price or how to judge low-end and high-end LED lighting?

A: It relies mainly on the R & D process and different raw materials. You can judge the product from the following four factors: chips, heat dissipation effect, lighting source and raw materials.


Q: Do you think LED lighting can overall take the place of traditional lighting?

A: We don’t think so. Though the market will be dominated by LED lighting, it is impossible to overall replace traditional lighting. Taking decorative lighting as example, it is the atmosphere and effect of traditional lighting produced that customers pursued, which LED lighting cannot do it.


Q: Are you satisfied with the service provided by E-Cantonfair?

A: Yes, it is very good. The arrangement of negotiation meeting with certain suppliers saves our energy and time to stroll around blindly in the exhibition to find cooperation partners, but it will be better if the arranging time could be tighter.

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