Best Selling 5W LED BULB from China


Main products: Wall washer light,LED Line light,LED Flood light,LED Point light,LED street light

We focus on science inonovation,product technology study and development;pay attention to the product quality and sincere service.we sourced the outstanding talents in professional technology field.founding a high-quality scientific research team which are formed by the young elite of science and technology;Gathering various rich product design experience and deep theoretical knowledge during the product developing.
We have modern standard production workshop, laboratory, equipped with advanced lighting testing equipment such as integrating sphere, light intensity tester, spectrum analyzer, frequency meter, constant temperature oven and photoelectric microscope;First-class production technics with advanced testing method can assure the high quality and funciton of the products.
We are located in Xusheng science and technology park.Fushan industrial zoo which are the national senior high and new technology industry base. The high-tech integrated enterprise which are specialized in the LED study, development, production, selling.

Best Selling 5W LED BULB

  1. high brightness, low heat generation
  2. Low power consumption, 3W led lights can replace the traditional 25W incandescent lamp.
  3. Fast response time, bright up in nanosecond.
  4. solid-state, high shock and vibration-resistant.
  5. environmetally friendly, no mercury or lead content.
  6. no UV or IR radiation.
  7. Cole light source, doesn’t incur mosquito surround.
  8. long lifespan
  9. easy to install
  10. bright, clear and comfortable visual sense.