A Type of Multi-Ocassion Available LED Panel Light

Multi-Ocassion Available LED Panel Light

At present, we can notice LED panel lights have been applied in many occasions such as offices, shopping mall and exhibition hall, etc. because of its apparent advantages. Purchasers hope to seek for a LED panel light with high quality but reasonable price that can be used in different occasions and can be installed in different places without changing the components. As far as I know, The LED panel light produced by Haining ESL Electrical Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd can reach these requirements. Ms. Shi, the foreign trader of the company, told the E-Cantonfair’s editor that this product was one of the company’s most popular products and convinced me that it was a type of LED panel light that deserves your attention.

Outstanding features

With high brightness SMD LED as light source, the light is quite bright with high luminous efficacy and soft and steady light. The body material of the light is aluminum alloy material with electrostatic coating, which ensures the durability of the light and the good function of heat dissipation. In addition, with optical level diffusion plate and light guide plate, the panel light can distribute soft and uniform light. Furthermore, the appearance of the light is also an attracting feature. Based on upgrading and optimizing other light, this type of LED panel light is in concise and pretty shape.

Ms. Shi also told me, ‘this panel light is easy mounting with light body and it can be installed in different occasion with different installation methods such as embedded ceiling with clip, ceiling mounted, Grids ceiling recessed method, suspending and grids ceiling recessed for metal false ceiling. And the installation instruction will be attached in specification.’

‘The product is mainly exported to Europe, South America anf Middle East and the target is middle and high-end customers.’ Ms. Shi said, ‘the FOB of thIS product is between 25 and 36 USD.’

Company profile                 

Haining ELS Electrical Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd is an independent powerful full-exporter. It focuses on led lighting product development design, production and sales. With leading LED lighting technology, product application system, advanced lighting inspection devices and other cut-edge manufacturing equipment, the company is well-known for its high-quality LED products in domestic and foreign LED market. The products are mainly exported to Brazil, Chili, German, Spain, UK, Holand, France, Greece and Middle East, etc. with annual export output from 2 to 5 million USD. The mission of the company is to lead the LED market with good quality and competitive price in today’s competitive world.

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