35.3 Billion Dollar: the New Output Value LED Lighting Will Reach in 2014

China LED market scale

Global Market Research Institute estimated that the output value of LED market would reach 35.3 billion dollar in 2014 and the growth rate was 47.8%; the penetrate rate of LED lighting would rise to 32.7%.

As LED lighting technology is improving and innovating, the price is close to customers’ consuming level. Foreign USB Securities pointed out that global LED lighting demand would increase 60% in 2014 with household lighting growing faster.

LED lighting penetrates fast in the new markets of Russia, India, Southeast Asia and Africa due to the strengthening concept of environment protection and government’s promotion. The demand for LED lighting in these countries will increase apparently, which will become a highlight of global market in 2014. Russian market will be a large potential export target for China’s LED lighting enterprisers, because LED manufacturers are less in Russia and the technology is relatively lagging behind.

So far, LED lighting is widely used in outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and indoor lighting. As the price performance of LED chips is improving, the heat dissipation design and the harness layout are enhancing, and the solution system of LED lighting applying in different is perfecting, LED lighting will be widely applied and promoted. The following graph shows China’s LED lighting market scale.

Global LED lighting market is now dominated by America, Asia and Europe. CREE, Lumileds and Nichia dominate the high-end LED lighting with their innovative technology advantage in cut-edge chips field. Taiwan’s LED industry is developing rapidly, especially its chips and package technology, which is well-known in the world. With the support of government’ policies and the drive of low end application demand, China’s LED industry has formed relatively perfect LED industry chain in Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Fujian Triangle.

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