Four Reasons Tell You Why LED Bulbs Deserve to Buy

Four Reasons Tell You Why LED Bulbs Deserve to Buy

If you can’t decide whether it is worth buying LED bulbs, I have four reasons to convince you.   High luminous efficacy. It can be expressed by LM/W (LM is the unit of luminous flux). Energy-saving bulbs is consist of inner energy-saving ballast and high-quality trichromatic bulbs, so the beam…

LED Ceiling Light

Three Things You Should Know about LED Ceiling Light

LED ceiling light belongs to cold lighting source, so it can be installed in any mirco and closed equipment without considering the problem of heat dissipation. To have better understanding about LED ceiling light, you should start from the following three points.   Lighting source. With low lumens depreciation of…

LED Corn Light

Hot New style LED Corn Light

With LED chip Sumsang SMD5630 as its light source and high quality aluminum PCB for its cover, LED corn light is very hot in domestic and foreign markets for its good properties and beautiful shape. It can be used in outdoor and indoor lighting.

Can LED Overall Take the Place of Traditional Lighting Products

Can LED Overall Take the Place of Traditional Lighting Products?

Eric Wu: senior. Sourcing & Developing engineer and Richie Chen: Sourcing & Developing engineer from OSRAM Asia Pacific Management Company. Q: What does your company mainly purchase this time? A: We mainly purchase LED lighting as well as traditional lighting, such as LED desk lamp, LED flash light and lens…

The Working Principle of LED

The Working Principle of LED Lighting Source

The working principle of LED drive lighting source should have the following three steps: Lower the power pressure. Because different LED products need different electric power to drive, it is necessary to change 220V standard voltage launched by Electric Supply Station to 110V low voltage. Rectify the electric current. It…

LED Manufacture Giant

LED Manufacturing Giant: Yu Yu Optronics Group

With more than 20 years’ manufacturing experience, Yu Yu Optronics Group devoted to produce high-quality LED desk lamp, LED ceiling light, LED flood light and LED tube light, etc. The company has gained many certifications such as UL, CE and CCC, etc. and has rich experience of OEM and ODM.

Main Influential Factor of LED Price

LED Chips: the Main Influential Factor of LED’s Price

The LED luminous body is LED chips. Different chips lead to the difference of the price. Chips produced by Japan and America are more expensive than LED chips produced by China and Taiwan. Besides, the price is quite different with half power chips in the place of sufficient power chips….

China LED Going Abroad

China’s LED Lighting: a New Flow of ‘Going Abroad’

With the rules of incandescent bulbs prohibition being executed in different countries, some experts pointed out that the demand of LED lighting will grow 60% in 2014. It can be forecast that China’s LED lighting will meet a new flow of ‘going abroad’. As it is known, China is a…

China LED market scale

35.3 Billion Dollar: the New Output Value LED Lighting Will Reach in 2014

Global Market Research Institute estimated that the output value of LED market would reach 35.3 billion dollar in 2014 and the growth rate was 47.8%; the penetrate rate of LED lighting would rise to 32.7%. As LED lighting technology is improving and innovating, the price is close to customers’ consuming…

The Different Symbols of LED Bulb

The Different Symbols of LED Bulb

While selecting a LED bulb, you may feel confused about the different symbols on the bulb and hope to know what they all stand for. Now I will tell you what those common symbols stand for. Except for the brand logo of the company or agent and item No of…