2014 New LED Product: Sapphire Substrate LED Filament Bulb

Sapphire Substrate LED Filament Bulb

As it is all known, LED filament bulbs are prohibited by many countries because of high energy consumption, but some customers are quite pleased with the shape of filament bulb, thus LED filament bulb was invented by combining the advantages of LED and the shape of filament bulb. LED filament bulbcan satisfy both the market demand of environment protection and energy-saving and customers’ need of filament bulb’s function. After my interview with Ms. Shi, the foreign trader of Haining ELS Electrical Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., I was deeply attracted by a new and popular product: sapphire substrate LED filament bulb. It is a popular product that global buyers that global buyers will be interested in it.

‘The filament of this product is made of sapphire substrate but not ceramics or copper, because sapphire possesses many advantages that ceramics and copper have not. I will tell you the properties of this LED filament bulb.’ Ms. Shi told me.

  1. 2,050 degree temperature resistant thermal conductivity.

Sapphire filament has excellent thermal conductivity because it can even resist 2050 degree high temperature. Moreover, no matter how the internal temperature changes, problems such as deformation or fracture won’t happen due to thermal expansion and contraction.

  1. 85% lighting transmittance. With polishing process, Sapphire Filament improving the lighting transmittance to 85%, which is much superior to other materials.
  2. 150g pressure-supporting strength. The hardness of Sapphire is only after diamond in all crystal materials thus the strength is quite great. A sapphire filament bracket of 30 (long) *0.8 (wide) *0.4 (thick) mm can support 150g pressure which largely improve the process yield rate. The size can be small because of the great strength by even reaching 30 (length) *0.6 (width)*0.4 (thickness) mm, which on other material can do.
  3. 300,000 hours life-span. Sapphire is the main material of the LED chip. Adopted sapphire substrate filament, the life-span of bulb can be largely extended because the combination of LED chip sapphire substrate filament has good physical properties. According to short plate theory, if the life-span of filament affects the life-span of the whole bulb, a 4 USD bulb will be scrapped because of 0.3 USD filament. Sapphire filament will overcome this weakness.

This sapphire substrate LED filament bulb is a new product in 2014. After it was promoted in the market, it has been exported to Italy, Germen, France and Russia, etc. with monthly export turnover of 10,000 sets. Though the price of sapphire substrate LED filament bulb is more expensive than copper or ceramic filament bulb, ELS’s price is competitive among the industries of the same product. A 3W LED filament bulb is 2.99 USD, a 2W is 1.99 USD and a 4W is 3.99 USD and the minimum order is 10000 pieces. The product has obtained TUV, CE, EMC, LVD and ERP certificate.

Company profile    

Haining ELS Electrical Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd is an independent powerful full-exporter. It focuses on led lighting product development design, production and sales. With leading LED lighting technology, product application system, advanced lighting inspection devices and other cut-edge manufacturing equipment, the company is well-known for its high-quality LED products in domestic and foreign LED market. The products are mainly exported to Brazil, Chili, German, Spain, UK, Holand, France, Greece and Middle East, etc. with annual export output from 2 to 5 million USD. The mission of the company is to lead the LED market with good quality and competitive price in today’s competitive world.

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